Six pioneer robots emulating a rescue task, which was part of my research as a graduate student at Oregon State University (2016-2020):

Overview of our Decision Support Tool for Ocean Feature Tracking:

My dissertation defense at Oregon State University (June 2020):

The full emulated robot rescue task:

A faster version where the robots' voicing is disabled:

My undergraduate robotics club won a few Robotic Soccer games during the Latin American and Brazilian Robotics Competition in 2015. We were awarded the 5th place in Latin America. This video shows one of our matches:

I developed a four-wheel holonomic platform as part of my undergraduate capstone project. The video shows our robot performing a cardioid trajectory on the floor of our lab:

This video presents an autonomous trial for my capstone robot:

The robot goal is to perform a predefined path and chase standing sticks on sight. When a stick is detected, the robot detours from its programmed path and takes down the stick. This tests the robot capability to switch between performing a programmed task and reacting to a dynamic environmental stimulus. An overhead camera provides global position referencing while an on-board stereo camera pair provides sensing about the surround surfaces.

During the Summer 2014 at UCSD we implemented a radio collar tracker on an embedded device (a Beaglebone Black) mounted to a quadcopter drone:

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