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I am a Senior Robotics Engineer at Fetch Robotics, Now part of Zebra Technologies, and I work on multi-robot planning and cooperation. I earned my PhD degree at the Collaborative Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CoRIS) Institute, Oregon State University (OSU). My research with Dr. Julie A. Adams applied coordination algorithms to improve domain-independent planning and solve multi-robot problems. I developed more scalable algorithms for multi-robot problems in logistics and rescue domains and implemented ROS packages to coordinate the concurrent asynchronous execution of high-level multi-robot plans. I also developed a decision support system for tracking ocean features with multiple surface and underwater robots as part of a collaborative project with the OSU College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences. We deployed multiple UUVs and USVs at the Gulf of Mexico on a 2-week scientific cruise.

During my undergraduate and previous graduate studies I focused on getting a broad sense of each field and diversifying my experience. Having worked on research projects that range from data visualization, pattern recognition and embedded mobile robotics, I had the opportunity to gather practical experience and attain technical proficiency to design and implement computing systems that interface with the world and provide innovative solutions.

While seeking my computer engineering Bachelor's/Master's combined degree in Brazil, funded by The Capes Foundation, I developed a low cost mobile robotics research platform. This multidisciplinary project involved implementing FPGA PID controllers, integrating various embedded processing platforms and different RF solutions. The work on this platform resulted in contributions to point cloud processing, segmentation and obstacle detection for low cost autonomous navigation. During that time I studied for a year in the US as an exchange student at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, IN, funded by the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program. In Summer 2014 I worked with Engineers for Exploration at UCSD developing an autonomous wildlife radio-tracking system and our work yielded a paper on the topic. I volunteered for a year at UFG's (My University in Brazil) Robotic Soccer Team.

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